all the ways I got to know
Your pretty face and electric soul
asian boy in a black body with a white attitude
Oshane | 18 | Jamaican | |


*steps out onto balcony* where are my fans at


*talks to Internet friends while sitting next to real life friends*


Anonymous: what the hell are you actually for real "i hope you all die" ??????????? *unfollow*

die on the way out

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Anonymous: If you can't handle me at my 'You and I' you don't deserve me at my 'Story of my Life'. Don't let the anons get to you.


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Anonymous: If you hate this website, delete & get the fuck off. You have no right saying you hope people die. It affects someone deeply & if you feel that way about Tumblr, there's always a "Delete blog" option =)

Your dad should’ve pulled out

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